Power Play – The Super U Fitness Way

10 Practical Tips and Simple Strategies for a
Fun Family Workout That Gets Results

Your fitness and that of your children’s is in your hands.

Are you a parent struggling to stay or get in shape because you know how important it is? Finding it frustratingly hard to balance fitness and family life? Do your children prefer watching television to running around and exercising? You are not alone. Renita Lobo, the award winning author, mother of 2 and fitness expert, gets how difficult this can be has committed her life to helping you transform yours.

With this in mind she’s written this result-oriented step by step playbook, loaded with tips and effective strategies to help you safely reach your fitness goals along with your family. In the book she reveals the secrets of her success which she candidly shares along with her struggles and insights. To boost your success she’s given you fillable forms she has personally developed and used.

Whether you‘re a beginner or a fitness enthusiast, you’ll discover a revolutionary but easy method to change the way you see family fitness.

Take action. Buy this book. Follow its simple yet effective guidelines and leap on the path to making your fitness dreams come true for you and your family.

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About the Author

Renita Lobo was born twice. The award winning author and the founder of Super U Fitness, Renita is an accomplished trainer with over 25 years of experience in fitness. She has successfully taught dance, yoga, and fitness internationally to thousands of students, from 12 months to 84 years, and has been repeatedly seen on stage with superstars, and on film in Bollywood movies.

When she’s not coaching, Renita loves choosing fun places to be active in. Dancing on the Great Wall of China, horseback riding around the pyramids of Egypt, sky diving in the foothills of the Himalayas, and practicing yoga on the beaches of Hawaii are some of her cherished memories.

After immigrating from Mumbai, India, to Mississauga, Canada, Renita is happiest working out, hiking, biking, and camping with her 2 children. You will often see her yelling her lungs out on crazy rides at Wonderland, having cozy family picnics along the lakeshore, or laughing with other parents outside her kids’ after school classes.

But it wasn’t always like this. A near fatal accident left her bedridden, and she wasn’t expected to completely recover. Waking up in the hospital ICU was like being born again, but the incident had devastated Renita. She was depressed, lacked confidence, and completely withdrew from the world. Life was a struggle physically, mentally, and emotionally. Renita has now decided to dedicate her life to teaching you and your family fun ways to get fit and stay active.

Renita would love to help you on your fitness journey. She conducts global online one-on-one and group training sessions for all age groups, and in-person coaching sessions and presentations too.

Below are a few of the customizable ways she can help you either virtually or in person.

  • Power Play Rookie Super Launcher – An instructional video, with visual demonstrations and explanations to give you that additional knowledge and support you need to launch your Power Play family workout successfully.
  • Power Play Winner’s Super Sessions – An intensive training course to help you and your family master the Power Play Program.
  • Exclusive membership to The Power Play Champion Super Circle – A mentoring program to help ensure success for you and your family as you get fit together using the Power Play Program.
  • Super U Fit Kids – Daycare and school fitness dance and yoga classes for your children – lunch and after school classes available.
  • Super U Family Coaching – Personal training for you and your family.
  • Super U Training – Personalized one on one adult or child dance/fitness/yoga classes, at home, at your work, or for special occasions. This can be in person or virtual.
  • Super U Club Classes – Group/ Buddy coaching classes dance/fitness/yoga classes for small or large groups, at home, at your work, or for special occasions. This can be in person or virtual.
  • Multiple online courses – To help support your different fitness goals.
  • Fitness motivational speaker/presenter – At an event of your choice.

Renita is looking forward to you sharing your successes and helping you with your challenges. She is your biggest cheerleader in your journey to become a Power Play Champion!

Power Play – The Super U Fitness Way

10 Practical Tips and Simple Strategies for a Fun Family Workout That Gets Results


Chapter 1 “How Power Play can help you”

Understanding how you will benefit from the book & what to do to get the best results. 

Chapter 2 “Preparing to Play with Power”

The importance of exercise; different kinds of exercises explained.

Chapter 3 “Playing with Pyramids”

Understanding in what proportion what exercises need to be done.

Chapter 4 “My Game Plan”

Setting goals and planning a fun family workout.

Chapter 5 “Working Out to the Sound of Laughter”

Different workout game ideas you could play with your family.

Chapter 6 “…3…2…1…Blast Off!”

10 practical tips for a super power play workout, getting set to work out as a family.

Power Play - The Super U Fitness Way

10 Practical Tips and Simple Strategies for a Fun Family Workout That Gets Results

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