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“This book helped me get fitness back in my life! I used to dance as a teen and being a part of a professional dance company kept me in shape at that time. However, after a career change and motherhood, I put on weight. For years I tried to get fit again, but struggled to find the time, motivation and consistency to plan an exercise schedule that suited my needs and got results.

Then I read Renita Lobo’s “ POWER PLAY – the Super U Fitness way”. It helped me understand that I was not the only struggling parent and this was something I could do. After reading and following this book step by step, I am actually seeing results and feel amazing. I plan my exercise routine, have a goal for myself and also have fun exercising with my child. Renita has inspired me to work out regularly and my child is always super excited to get active with me. My favorite part of the book is the ‘Pyramid’ explanation, which really helps me stay on track with my exercise plan per week.

You must read this book. I know that this book is going to help you in many ways. Seeing the smile on your child’s face who is excited to exercise with you while staying fit is ‘priceless.’”

Margarett Terrell

Flight Attendant, GoJet Airlines, Missouri, USA,

“Renita Lobo is an amazing instructor who has her heart and soul in the right place by trying to help others. Her approach with “Hands on strategies ” will help you activate not only your body energy but your mind and heart energy as well as helping you finding that BALANCE that is needed for the entire family. I highly recommend this book as you will be exercising in such a fun way that I guarantee you won’t notice when your fitness session is over as your entire family will want to continue doing it… AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING!”

Barbara Latapie

Yoga Instructor, Forgiveness Coach, Raw Nutritionist, Herbalist, Animal Lover, Canada

“FUNtastic! This book has inspired me help my family get off the couch and active again. We now look forward to bonding together with fun fitness activities. Something we did not do as a family before. In her book “Power Play – the Super U Fitness way”, Renita gives step by step strategies and techniques that will show you how to take control of yours and your family’s physical fitness in a fun way. I loved her idea of appointing a “Playmate” to keep you accountable. It was just one of the many useful breakthrough tips she shared which helped us reach our goals. Read the book, follow it and let Renita guide you into a healthier lifestyle, just like she did with our family.”

Mickey Cooper

Self Employed father, Montreal, Canada

“It was the summer of ’98. I was 18 years old, out of shape, and confused about my career path. That’s when a friend persuaded me to join a dance class and I met Renita. She was my first western dance instructor and she has played an important role in inspiring me as I went on to pursue my career as a Movement therapist/Exercise physiologist who has worked with elite athletes and patient populations. Teachers and trainers like Renita are hard to come by. Her sincerity, integrity, depth of knowledge and her extensive work experience makes her stand out. She has the ability to create change purely by action and commands the respect of kids and adults that she works with. Renita’s book “Power Play – the Super U fitness way” makes for an interesting read as she highlights powerful ways to step up your workout game and reach your health and fitness goals.”

Dilshad Patel

MS Exercise Science, India,USA

“Over the 10 years that I have trained with Renita, I have seen my strength, and flexibility increase considerably. This is a big deal for me as I am almost 70 years old. Renita has helped me recover from past injuries I have had and always adapts the workout to my personal challenges so that I feel rejuvenated after every session. She identifies and corrects what I’m doing wrong in an exercise with impressive ease. This ensures that I can work out effectively without fear of injury. Renita’s explanations have helped me understand body movement and so that I can now adjust and fix my posture even when she is not there. I used to walk with a bad hunch but am now able to stand up completely straight. She has also helped me improve my mobility. I can now sit crossed legged on the floor and also touch my toes, two things I couldn’t do before I trained with Renita. You need to read Renita’s book “Power Play – the Super U Fitness way” if you want to understand muscle movement, help your family and improve the quality of your life.”

Geeta Bawa

Retired, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

“My wife and I have been practicing yoga for the last 3 years with Renita, in a small group setting of 4 to 6 people. Renita has a very pleasant teaching style and personalizes our training sessions, adapting to our abilities and limitations, whilst ensuring she still challenges us to achieve continuous development. We have seen an improvement in our flexibility and range of motion, as a result. She also gives us great advice and appropriate stretches, when we have sore or strained muscles from our other daily work or leisure activities. Renita has been very instrumental in our fitness journey and consciousness. We would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone, irrespective of their fitness level.”

David Fernandes

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

“Training with Renita was an awesome experience! She motivated, supported and pushed me to reach and exceed my weight loss goal of 30 pounds! Every time I thought I wouldn’t be able to do an exercise or go to the next level, she got me to surpass my limits and expectations. She believed that I could hit my goals, and with her help I did! Most important, Renita helped me change my old habits, start new ones and create a personalized healthy way of life to make my weight loss permanent so that I could continue to stay fit and healthy. Renita’s coaching has been so effective that now, 11 years later, I’m still able to maintain my optimum weight! Renita changed my life. A wonderful person and excellent personal trainer! It’s been a pleasure to work with Renita!”

Cheresa Bacchus

Business Leader, Toronto, Canada

“Wow! It started the first day on assessment day, when I felt I couldn’t do anything. I’ve been working out for 23 years and have had many trainers. But on the first day when I thought I could do super squats, crunches, burpees, Renita made me realise the reason I wasn’t seeing any results on my hips and the flab under my belly button was due to my incorrect form and not contracting the right muscles at the right time. She is an amazing person with lots of knowledge, very helpful in teaching and a perfectionist on technique. I loved working out with Renita because she made me realise the small little details that needed attention. Most of all, it was fun and not boring!. With Renita, I lost the stubborn 10 pounds in 4 weeks which I had not been able to get rid off for over 5 years prior!”

Kamal Rai

Fitness Enthusiast, Mississauga, Ontario

“Renita’s customized training helped me accomplish my 30 pound weight loss goal! With her, my dress size shrunk from a size 18 down to a size 8. She has also successfully targeted my desire to improve my golf game and my curling. Most importantly, Renita’s spirit, humour and energy kept me focussed and motivated to the point where I now make fitness a top priority in my day. I truly cannot express how grateful I am for having had Renita as my personal trainer.”

Ruth (Parrett) Magee

Golf entusiast, Ottawa, Ontario

“Renita’s Zumba class today was the best class I have ever had … and I’ve had a lot as I’m nearly 69! Such a fantastic combination of aerobic and muscular exercise and fun, fun, FUN!!”

Marlene Cuthbert

Retired, Mississauga, Ontario

“Renita has been a valuable asset to my school, The Little Flower Montessori, Oakville, Canada, teaching my school kids discipline through dance and movement.”

Debbie Krishnan

Certified AMA Montessori teacher since 2007, Oakville, Canada

“I am inspired by Renita’s energy and caring nature. She is constantly monitoring us to make sure that our whole class is getting the most benefit from our workout. Now I feel much more flexible, strong and most of all energized! I truly enjoy Renita’s dance/fitness class and look forward to it each time. I have learned to prevent injuries and workout safely without putting too much strain on my joints. Thanks Renita for your kindness and for making my everyday life more fun. I wish you continued success.”

Sadia M

Home maker, Mississauga, Ontario

Power Play - The Super U Fitness Way

10 Practical Tips and Simple Strategies for a Fun Family Workout That Gets Results

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